8 x Week Wellness Challenge UPGRADE

8 x Week Wellness Challenge UPGRADE

PLEASE NOTE - This version of the Wellness Challenge comes with my Athlete by Candy Browne E-Book which is a comprehensive gym workout plan in addition to the standard wellness challenge workout plans also.


It goes without saying that health and fitness is my passion, BUT in addition to exercise and nourishing my body with healthy, delicious foods, I place so much importance on a healthy mind. 

Overall wellness is a recipe with many ingredients and there's nothing I love more than sharing the very manageable and maintainable things that I do EVERY DAY that set me up for success in the gym, in my career and in my overall life. 

This year I have put even more effort into my little daily habits and I truly believe that thanks to these little additions to my routine, I am the happiest, healthiest and most motivated that I have ever been!

So, enter the Candy Browne 8 x Week Wellness Challenge... my chance to help YOU implement these exact daily habits to lead you to your happiest and healthiest self! As well as offering an 8 x week exercise and healthy eating regime that is most importantly, maintainable for life.

Let me start by saying, this isn't a weight loss focused challenge, BUT, if you follow the program for the 8 x weeks you WILL see an incredible physical transformation to match your equally incredible mindset transformation!

So, what's included in this 8 x week challenge?


  • 8 x week meal plan guidelines with 3 interchangeable food options for breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks allowing for variety
  • 8 x week workout plan with 6 x weekly 30 minute workouts PLUS my Athlete by Candy Browne program which is suitable to a gym training environment - this however is not a beginner program so only suitable if you exercise regularly! Also note, the challenge workouts are the same workouts from our original lockdown challenge which saw incredible results for those that were apart of it!
  • Access to the private Facebook group with all challenge participants. This group will foster daily conversations between challenge members to help keep you motivated and on-track as well as plenty of input from me. In these challenge groups we share recipes, inspirational quotes, progress, motivation on days where you may not be feeling the best and SO much more! I will also be sharing things like podcast recommendations and the like - things that inspire and motivate me!
  • A list of the 7 daily habits that I do which I believe are the key to overall wellness and success - these 7 habits will be implemented by you as part of the challenge. An example of one of my favourite steps? 10 minutes of reading from a motivational book daily. I will provide you with my very own list of books which have been incredible for my own personal growth and development and we will all start on the same book together.
  • Your very own progress document in the form of a printable PDF - a little daily checklist to ensure you are following each of my 7 steps as well as staying on track with food and exercise
  • A 'My Fitness Pal' for Dummies style user guide for the calorie counting application that I utilise to make healthy diet choices


All for a one off payment of $199 with the option to upgrade to $249 when purchasing my Athlete by Candy Browne gym program add-on - see other product in the online store fr this option.


So, when do we start?


We will kick things off in mid-late August with the exact date to be announced in the coming week. I look forward to a truly EPIC and LIFE CHANGING 8 x weeks with you.


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