8 x Week Challenge

8 x Week Challenge

My brand new female focused wellness challenge is launching on Monday 15 February 2021! 


So, what exactly is it and why do you need to be a part of it?


Well, lately I've invested a lot of time into researching and educating myself on women's hormones and how we can structure our training around our cycles to promote better performance and results. I run these challenges a few times per year and they are well loved each and every time, but this time I wanted to make it even better and incorporate my new learnings!


So, whilst this is the perfect challenge for you if your main goal is weightloss, it's also perfect for you if you're all about the mindset and overall wellness stuff. It truly has a little bit of everything thrown into the mix.


For a one off payment of $199 you get...


  • 4 x varied weekly meal plans - so you can structure your food around your cycle to ensure you aren't fighting those hormonal cravings etc. Each week is built to suit a different part of your cycle!
  • A home based 8 x week workout plan consisting of 6 x workouts per week (with information on what weeks suit the different stages of your cycle). At the 4 x week mark we repeat the first 4 x weeks but with increased intensity, working on reps and times to improve on the 4 x weeks prior.
  • A gym based 8 x week workout plan consisting of 6 x workouts per week (with information on what weeks suit the different stages of your cycle)
  • Access to the private challenge Facebook group where you can interact with other challenge participants (and myself) and seek regular motivation and inspiration
  • Weekly group online mentoring sessions from some incredible health and wellbeing experts including Jodie from Bloom Holistic, Izzy from I am Self, Jenna Louise who is an incredible athlete with an Instagram following of 95,000 people, Toya from 3 Moons and myself! 
  • Weekly challenges with the chance to win back the cost of this challenge ($199) at the end for one lucky participant
  • Daily journalling prompts
  • Plenty of health, wellbeing, mindset and growth focused tips 
  • Education around the moon cycle and how to work in with this - not against it


These meal and exercise plans alone are programs that you can pick up at any point in the future - they never expire so the investment in these alone is so worthwhile! 


I cannot wait to kick things off on Monday 15 February and I hope you'll be joining me! 


IMPORTANT - These are generalised meal and exercise plans that do not take into account any limitations, injuries, allergies or intolerances. We recommend that you seek doctors advice if you are unsure if this challenge is for you or if you have a known medical concern that may limit you from partaking in the food and exercise aspect of the challenge.


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